Why do you need this?

I created the course "Created with Purpose" for the women around me because I have witnessed firsthand the incredible power that comes from discovering your purpose. As a woman myself, I know how easy it can be to get caught up in the hustle of daily life and lose sight of what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. We overcommit to so many unneccesary things and wear ourselves out! And for what?! Man's applause. A pat on the back or maybe a nice plaque at most? This is why I needed to create a course specifically tailored to women - to help us tap into our unique strengths and talents, and to share strategy to pursue our passions with confidence and determination. By the end of this course you will never feel guilt again for not being able to be everywhere ALL THE TIME. We are going to divorce the insatiable need to volunteer to help EVERYBODY. (I'm a recovering people pleaser myself) My mission is that through "Created with Purpose," women will not only gain clarity about their life's purpose, but also build a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will cheer them on as they navigate this journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Ever found yourself meandering through the every day mundane motions of life, questioning your purpose and feeling about as lost as a sock in the dryer? Yeah...me too. I woke up one day and realized I just have this one life. *cue midlife panic afib. And not only that, but I would have to answer for my life one day. After realllllly overthinking it, I realized it's actually so simple. We are called to simply be fruitful with our gifts and talents!

I want to share with you Kingdom strategy for finding purpose in life, creating a vision for your future and creating wealth by using the gifts and talents the Lord equipped you with. Turns out...there are real life answers and strategies in the BIBLE! Who would've thunk.

I want to help you discover where you shine and give you a roadmap to unleash your full potential - all while having a jolly good time!

What's inside:

"Created with Purpose" consists of 6 classes and no fluff. It's a meat and potatoes course of scripture based strategy that will change the trajectory of your life and finances. You will get out of that creative rut and financial stress and onto fulfilling your passions, while doing it in a way that brings abundance to your life and honor to God! As Kingdom citizens, we do not strive in the natural like the world does. We have access to a better way! A way that involves co-laboring with our creator...enjoying rest, fruitfulness, wealth, generosity, peace and above all...JOY! If you're not enjoying your life, something MUST change. God is never impressed by your hard work and busyness. He's just not. He's much more impressed by your fruitfulness. Let me walk you through how I was able to tap into Kingdom wealth while being on assignment. If He will do it for me (cuz girl, I used to be RATCHETTT), He will do it for you too! He is no respecter of persons! Come along with me and let's do the dang thang!